Custom Nyquist keyboard

Basically a handwired Nyquist with cherry blue switches and a custom 3D printed case. The keycaps are 3D printed as well. It took a lot of time to sand and paint them to get them smooth. You can still see that they are 3D printed if you look closely but you don't notice it while typing. I added lights which can be controlled with QMK. The lights are regular white 5mm leds. I mounted them in a drill and used sandpaper to sand the spherical top flat. I think it looks quite nice. I had some fun painting this build. First time handwiring. Sadly i needed to use hot glue to hold the switches. Otherwise they would be pulled out when removing keycaps. Altho I'm fairly certian you can get the keys out in one piece if you really wanted to. This is the layout I use on my keyboard. The function layers on this keymap are only active when the key is held. Similar To function layers on laptop keyboards.
The navigation keys are set up similar to vim, but in a way that makes more sense to me.
The keys left blank in layer FN1 and FN2 are 'transparent'.